Presentations are platforms to get branded messages across, be it an investor presentation, a sales pitch, data analysis or a product demonstration. Below is a selection of static and animated PowerPoint and Keynote created work. 
PowerPoint / bringing a little visual poetry and magic to a proposed mortgage application app walkthrough. Brand colours, style and movement combining to bring messaging clarity and corporate feel to this Barclays presentation. High stakes presentations combine a navigable journey and clear takeways, alongside strong brand to create recall, interest and action.
PowerPoint / A sequence combining the many abilities of PowerPoint to bring brand to life. Transitions / animations / grads / shadows / reflections / pattern fills...and much more, harmonising to bring Tone of Voice to a company presentation, helping to cement brand identity and message. 
PowerPoint / As apprenticeships grow in popularity, an engaging explainer deck was created to support a team of advisors and scheme recruiters. As ever, the editable nature of the presentation meant they could adapt and customise session-to-session. Branded decks increase engagement, credibility and recall. Let us help you elevate the profile of your visual and narrative communications.
Keynote / For this virtual events explainer Keynote was favoured for its flexibility when overlaying text onto embedded video. All animations were native to Keynote and created a fluid, story driven narrative. 
PowerPoint / MP4 / Space 282 is a dynamic, and dare we say, 'groovy' co-working space. They wanted to create an explainer animation about the value of using their virtual address. Mapping out the benefits and services, we could then create an engaging animated deck, that was informative, strongly-branded and could be exported as an MP4 for omnichannel deployment.
PowerPoint / A branded template system for a specialist healthcare consultancy who develop and implement programmes for growing biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and healthcare-focused organisations. The template systems that can be populated, bringing continuity of brand through colour palettes / fonts / grid systems / brand styles. All editable to suit the teams needs.
PowerPoint / Bringing some animation to certain elements of a deck can help structure and pace, imparting information in stages. Here are a few examples, some relating to the static slides featured above.
PowerPoint / EY wavespace is a global network of growth and innovation centres helping clients navigate the challenges and opportunities of continuous change, disruption and digitisation to catch the next wave of radical breakthroughs. I created an editable roadmap and explainer deck that could be populated venture-by-venture allowing project leads to map out and demonstrate proposed paths and stages for successful delivery.
PowerPoint / Periodic data analysis is a necessary requirement for most organisations, so creating clear, easy-to-digest findings can be key to stakeholders understanding those findings. Here are three sample slides from a Barclays ROLB (retail online banking) presentation, which examined insights from the previous quarter. Featuring three key demographics the team were better able to discern and develop their online banking systems, helping dig out and present bold, beautiful, dynamic data.
PowerPoint / Cigna is a global health service company with 95 million customers around the world and more than 40,000 employees worldwide, on a mission to improve health, well-being and peace of mind. I was asked to help to bring to life a bold, new vision for the their digital future, illustrating the current pain points and the opportunties they represent. A mid-length deck provided an introduction, situation analysis, future vision and roadmap and recommendations for transformation.

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